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2012-07-18 07:23 pm

Yamapi's ERO album tracklist

1) Ai, Texas (by Jeff Miyahara)
2) ERO 2012 version
3) Carina (by Naoto Inti Raymi)
4) Romantic
5) Shiver ( by GLORY HILL and Jeff Miyahara)
6) Hit the Wall (composed by Yamapi)
7) BABY BABY (by Yasutaka Nakata)
8) Be The ONE
9) Boku dake no Kimi ni
10) Turn Off the Lights (by Maynard Blaise) 
11) Nayami no mori no mannaka de
12) Odoru yoru (composed by Yamapi)


I'm already loving Ero 2012 version, it kinda reminds me of Loveless. I can't wait to hear the rest of the songs.
Here's the full version of the Ero song. Enjoy!

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2012-07-16 11:26 pm
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ERO tour dates

- July 28th and 29th Osaka Jou Hall
- August 3rd, 4th, and 5th Yokohama Arena
- August 9th Fukuoka
- August 12th Hokkaido
- August 23rd and 24th Nagoya
- August 28th and 29th Yoyogi

If only I lived in Japan or had the money and time to go T.T ohh well we can always wait for the tour DVD ^^Y
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2012-07-16 11:13 pm

ERO PV preview

I look forward to see the full "PV" ^^ I'm already liking the melody of the song.